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(Family membership including children under the age of 18 years)

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Mail to: Tug Hill Wheelers ATV Club, P.O. BOX 72, Copenhagen, NY 13626


  • I recognize that people will judge all motorized trail users by my actions.
  • I will ride only on designated signed or mapped trails and areas.
  • I will slow down, use caution and be courteous when I encounter other trail users.
  • I will respect and preserve the public and private property that I ride on.
  • I will ensure my equipment meets New York State safety, insurance, registration, emission
  • I will not endanger myself and other trail users by riding beyond my ability or while impared by drugs or alcohol
  • I will not attempt to disturb or directly pursue wildlife with my recreational vehicle.
  • I will not construct jumps or obstacles anywhere on the trail or riding areas.
  • Club membership may be terminated at any time by a vote of the club Board of Directors. Just cause for terminations includes but is not limited to failure to abide by club code of ethics.

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